Brighton Recreational Centre

Clinical Pilates


Increase your “core” dynamic spinal stability with this floor Pilates class. Improve your flexibility, body control, sporting performance and ability to do daily tasks with ease. A Physiotherapist will assess you and devise an exercise program for you considering current and past physical problems. Initial Physiotherapy screening required (Physiotherapy consultation fee applies).

Mon 6.25pm(int) and 7.30pm (beg) from July 16

Wed 6.30pm (beg) and 7.30pm(beg) from July 18

Thur 1.00pm (beg) and 2.00pm (adv) from July 19

Fee: $230  10 x 1 hour sessions  (single class $25.00)

Sat 9:30am (beg) from July 21
Fee: $207  9  x 1 hour sessions  (single class $25.00)

Fees are rebateable - Private Health Ins. Extras cover.

Enquiries & Bookings: Bronwyn  9578 8657 au