Creative Self Expression for Adults

The Art2Heart program offers adults a calm creative space where they can explore their creativity and authentically express themselves.  When coming from a place free of comparison, criticism and outcome, we create from the centre of their being with freedom and spontaneity.  Art- based mindfulness allows you to rediscover your creative passion and strengthen your creative muscles.   Painting becomes a powerful tool as you navigate through life.

Art2Heart classes offers:

  • Creativity as play & adventure
  • Spontaneous self-expression
  • Removes pressure of performing
  • Respects each person’s needs
  • Intuition & invention as the fuel of creation
  • Develops self-confidence
  • Develops self-reliance & trust
  • Develops self-awareness

Class Times

Class time: Friday 12.30pm from February 8
Fee: $260 8 x 2 hour sessions

Additional and Contact Information

For more information please visit or phone Angela on 04721 283 586.