Life Alignment Meditations

Reduce stress and anxiety, become centred and relaxed, gain clarity, align your life.

This course has a highly practical approach and caters to both absolute beginners as well as those with meditation experience. It consists of a unique blend of traditional meditation techniques and Life Alignment healing practices, which deepen the experience and strengthen inner balance and support.

In Life Alignment Meditations we will explore meditating with breath work, visualizations, movement, images, objects and sound, all supported by Life Alignment healing techniques. Mini Retreat Solutions (Meditation practices that fit into busy schedules) will complete the program by helping you to overcome barriers to meditation and boosting your commitment.

Class Times

Class time: Monday 10.45am from October 7
Fee: $180 9 x 1 hour sessions or $ 25 casual (please register before coming)
Class time: Wednesday 8.00pm from October 9
Fee: $200 10 x 1 hour sessions or $ 25 casual (please register before coming)

Additional and Contact Information

For more information please visit or contact Lena on        0474 271 868

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