Brighton Rec is 40 – What a Day to Celebrate!

Brighton Rec Centre celebrated its 40th Birthday on Sunday 1st December, with locals turning up by the hundreds to share in the milestone occasion. A petting zoo, gymnastics, sports displays and face painting kept the kids busy, while an art and pottery exhibition and coffee cart meant the adults were also happy. For many, it was an opportunity to enjoy a taste of the activities the Rec offers its patrons week in, week out.

Chair of the Board, Lisa Bradley welcomed the crowd, and before cutting the cake said, “Today we are celebrating the real success of the Brighton Rec, our partnerships with Bayley House, Bayside City Council and Brighton Rotary, and our people.  Our amazing team make coming to the Centre the best experience they can for more than 2000 people who use our Centre each week.  We are looking forward to the redevelopment of the Centre to make it a first class facility.”

BRC’s friendly staff were wonderful hosts; handing out balloons and show bags, cutting and sharing the celebration cake, manning the BBQ and making sure a good time was had by all.

As a Centre that values inclusivity, connection, friendliness and offers ‘something for everyone’, Sunday’s celebrations certainly reflected all that and so much more.

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