Build it 4 Kids Learningland

At Build it 4 Kids Learningland we make learning to read, write and count FUN using the acclaimed Letterland® program and our own specially designed resources. Our phonics (literacy) and number programs, which are planned and taught by a Bachelor educated early years teacher, are designed to compliment your child’s preschool learning and will help them build the confidence and foundations to be school ready.

Your child will make meaningful connections between sounds and letters with our hands on activities and games. They will enter the magical world of Letterland® where the alphabet comes to life!

Our classes allow your child to explore language, print and numbers through a range of multisensory experiences. Your child will sing, craft, write and play their way to developing essential literacy, numeracy and fine motor skills. FREE home learning program with every enrolment. Book a FREE trial!

Class Times

Letters and Numbers

Age: 3-4 year olds
Class time: Monday 12.00pm from February 3
Fee: $161 7 x 1 hour sessions

Ready to Read Plus

Age: 4-6 year olds
Class time: Wednesday 9.45am from January 29
Fee: $208 8 x 1.5 hour sessions

Reading Rockets Plus Maths

Age: 4-6 year olds
Class time: Monday 9.45am from February 3
Fee: $210 7 x 2 hour sessions
Class time: Friday 11.15am from January 31
Fee: $240 8 x 2 hour sessions

There will be no classes on Monday 4 November.

Additional and Contact Information

Letters and Numbers (3 to 4 year olds)

Letters and Numbers is a fun Letterland® phonics and number class for 3 to 4 year old children. Your child will make connections between sounds and alphabet letters as well as early number concepts through hands on activities and games. Our programs are multisensory, inspiring learning through a variety of senses and developing essential fine motor skills.

Ready to Read Plus (4 to 6 year olds)

Ready to Read Plus builds solid foundations for getting your child (4 to 6 year olds) reading ready with our fun Letterland® phonics program. This class focuses on developing your child’s phonological awareness skills, the skills important for becoming successful readers and writers. This includes recognising and generating rhyme, and the ability to “play” with sounds. Your child will develop meaningful connections between sounds and alphabet symbols and learn some frequently used words. This class also develops your child’s fine motor skills, pencil grip and handwriting. Our programs are multisensory so your child will become reading ready through song, dance, games and craft whilst also developing the confidence to “have a go”.

Reading Rockets Plus Maths (4 to 6 year olds)

Reading Rockets Plus Maths (for 4-6 year olds) incorporates all the literacy activities of our Ready to Read program PLUS maths. This class will build solid foundations for your child to become reading ready AND number ready. Watch their confidence rocket! Our Reading Rockets Plus Maths class makes mathematics fun. Research shows that children can disengage and lack confidence in their ability to use maths because of the challenge to see the relevance and application to their lives (Attard, C. 2017). We use children’s literature to provide rich, meaningful contexts for learning about numbers, counting and simple addition and subtraction experiences as well as integrating literacy skills.

For further information please visit, or contact Penny on 0430 422 669 or submit an email enquiry.