Angel Arts Classes

A Unique Neuro-movement program for people with disabilities

This program has many therapeutic elements and incorporates visual and performing arts practices which is used as a set of tools to engage students in a fun and co-operative group. This encompasses dance sequences, narratives, exploration of strengths and self-regulation. Using music and visual props supports the engagement of young people in artistic self – exploration providing a focus in relation movement and connection to self to others. Neuro-movement Dance practices help people to be self-motivated and develop and explore their own creative impulses. It also encourages self-discipline by following directions for a series of movement patterns, directions and levels.

Class Times

Unfortunately, there will be no classes run for the remainder of 2020.  Please check back early December for Term 1 2021 details.

Age: 8-15 year olds (Junior)
Class time: Saturday 10.45am
Age: 16-23 year olds (Senior)
Class time: Saturday 11.30am

Additional and Contact Information

For more information please visit or email or phone Cathy on 0419 544 216.

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