Gymnastics for All

Coming in Term 4 2024!

Our General Gym program caters for girls and boys aged 5-13 years old. The program incorporates a range of activities to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, special awareness and fundamental gymnastics skills using a variety of gymnastics equipment. Children are grouped based on age, ability and previous gymnastics experience.

Beginner Classes

Beginner classes cater for girls aged 5-13 years old and boys aged 5-9, with separate classes for girls and boys. These classes are an hour long and are designed to develop balance, co-ordination and confident body movement. We place a strong focus on building self-esteem, strength and flexibility in a safe and fun environment incorporating games and circuits. Basic shapes and skills are developed over different gymnastics apparatus such as vault, bars, parallel bars, rings and floor for boys and vault, bars, beam and floor for girls. Usually gymnasts spend 12-18 months in the beginner program before progressing to an intermediate class.

For an example of how one of our Beginner classes is run please click here.

Intermediate Classes

These classes are an extension from our beginner program and run for 1.5 hours. We divide the children into two age categories 6-8-year-olds and 9+ year olds, and again have separate classes for girls and boys. Classes provide the opportunity to further develop the gymnasts understanding of techniques required to perform an increasing level of skills. More emphasis is placed on developing strength and flexibility in these classes so that they can perform more difficult skills safely.

Advanced Classes

These classes (for girls only) are aimed at gymnasts who are 9+ years old and who need more of a challenge. These classes run for 2 hours. Emphasis is placed on developing more complex gymnastics skills and the strength and flexibility required to achieve these skills. Gymnasts will be identified as ready to move to these classes by their coach and the coaching co-ordinator.

Class Times

Gym for All Gymnastics Classes for 2021

Term 3 – Monday 12 July to Saturday 18 September


Class Type Ages Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Beginner 5-7 year olds 4.00-5.00pm* 4.00-5.00pm 4.00-5.00pm 4.00-5.00pm* 4.00-5.00pm 9.00-10.00am
8+ year olds 4.00-5.00pm
Intermediate 6-8 year olds 5.15-6.45pm 5.00-6.30pm 4.00-5.30pm 5.00-6.30pm 4.00-5.30pm 11.15-12.45pm
7-9 year olds 5.15-6.45pm 5.00-6.30pm 5.00-6.30pm
9+ year olds 6.45-8.15pm 6.45-8.15pm 6.30-8.00pm 5.30-7.00pm 12.45-2.15pm
Advanced 9+ year olds 6.30-8.30pm 6.30-8.30pm 12.45-2.45pm
Advanced Teen 12+ year olds 6.30-8.30pm 6.30-8.30pm 6.30-8.30pm 12.45-2.45pm
Boys Beginner (mixed) 5-7 year olds 4.00-5.00pm* 4.00-5.00pm* 10.15-11.15am*
Boys Beginner 7-9 year olds 5.15-6.15pm
Boys Intermediate 6.15-7.45pm

*Mixed Girls and Boys class


Term 2 – Monday 19 April to Saturday 26 June

Beginner Classes

$19.50 per class (1 hour class)

Intermediate Classes

$26.90 per class (1.5 hour class)

Advanced Classes

$31.00 per class (2 hour class)

All children are required to be registered with the peak body Gymnastics Victoria. An annual fee of $55 will be charged in addition to class fees.

* Classes will not run on Public Holidays therefore class fees will not be charged for days applicable.

Additional Information

What to wear

Tight fitting clothing is best, such as leggings, shorts, singlet tops, t-shirts or even leotards. Please make sure that there are no buttons, zips or hoodies. Long hair should be tied back and all jewellery and watches removed.

What to bring

A full named drink bottle.

Parent Handbook
Click here to view Brighton Rec Gymnastics’ Parent Handbook.

Booking Information

How to Book

Online Bookings are only available for our Beginner classes.   Entry into Intermediate and Advanced classes are by invitation only.

    1. Click the Check Availability button below.
    2. Select the Filter Gymnastics under Program type on the left hand side and Apply to view all  Gymnastics classes.
    3. Select the class you wish to book and follow the prompts to complete your booking.
    4. An email will be sent to you to confirm your booking.


Alternatively you can call the Centre on 9592 3033 or send an email to to book into one of our Beginner Gymnastics classes.