Team Challenge

Team Challenge is a fun and friendly competition held at Brighton Rec Gymnastics. This competition is open to all intermediate and advanced gymnasts currently enrolled in Brighton Rec Gymnastics classes. This team-based event allows all intermediate and advanced gymnasts to alter routines so they can show their strengths and any special skills.

At the competition

Medals are awarded to colour teams which are made up of a mix of classes, ages and skill levels. Gymnast’s colour teams can be found here.


Session 1:

Vault: 1st – Blue, 2nd – Yellow, 3rd – Purple

Bars: 1st – Red, 2nd – Pink, 3rd – Green

Beam: 1st – Red, 2nd – Blue, 3rd – Pink

Floor: 1st – Green, 2nd – Purple, 3rd – Yellow

All Around: 1st – Red, 2nd – Green, 3rd – Blue

Session 2:

Vault: 1st – Blue, 2nd – Purple, 3rd – Green

Bars: 1st – Pink, 2nd – Red, 3rd – Green

Beam: 1st – Pink, 2nd – Red, 3rd – Green

Floor: 1st – Blue, 2nd – Pink, 3rd – Purple

All Around: 1st – Pink, Red- Green, 3rd – Blue

Session 3:

Vault: 1st – Pink, 2nd – Red, 3rd – Purple

Bars: 1st – Yellow, 2nd – Blue, 3rd – Pink

Beam: 1st – Green, 2nd – Purple, 3rd – Red

Floor: 1st – Blue, 2nd – Red, 3rd – Yellow

All Around: 1st – Green, 2nd – Pink, 3rd – Yellow

Event Details

The Brighton Rec Gymnastics Team Challenge has been re-scheduled and will be held on Sunday 1st August.

This competition is a fantastic opportunity for gymnasts to show the skills they have been learning in a fun and relaxed competition!

Gymnasts are allocated to one of three sessions.

Session times:

Session 1: 9:00-10:30am

Session 2: 11:00-12:30pm

Session 3: 12:45-2:15pm

Additional Information

Important information

  • Each gymnast must be checked in using the QR code. We request parents come to the door with their child to check them in.
  • You will be notified of your session time once entries have been confirmed.
  • For more answers to common questions check out our FAQ Sheet here.

What to bring

A full, named drink bottle.

Level 1 Routines

Level 2 Routines

Level 3 Routines

Level 4 Routines