Terms & Conditions

1. I understand that my enrolment will terminate at the end of the term.

2. I understand I will receive newsletters & marketing material relevant to the centre’s programs and services.

3. Payment of the term must be paid for upfront to hold your position. Your spot will not be saved for you without payment

4. Fourteen Day Money Back Guarantee for new enrolments only, may request a refund in writing for ANY REASON in the first fourteen days of enrolment. You will be refunded the full amount paid excluding the registration fee. A Refund Application Form must be completed and emailed to enquiries@brightonrec.com.au no later than 14 days from the start of enrolment. Approved refunds will be via direct deposit. A new enrolment is a person who has not previously participated in paid BRC Term Programs.  Under no other circumstances will any other enrolment be refunded.

5. People wishing to withdraw from a course must do so prior to the commencement of the course. An administration fee of $10 will be deducted from the amount paid, otherwise refunds do not apply.

6. We do not offer credits, refund or make up lessons for any lesson missed except for extreme circumstances assessed by management.

7. Injury/Illness Related Credit Application – Credit applications will be granted for periods of two consecutive weeks (or more) of injury or illness if a Doctor’s
certificate is provided to BRC, within one week of the ‘start’ date indicated on the certificate. Certificate needs to state ‘date to date’ of expected absence and how this injury/illness directly affects the member’s ability to participate. Under no circumstances will suspensions be backdated.

8. Missed Classes – It is normal that from time to time you will be unable to attend the scheduled class due to commitments or illness. Make up lessons are not available as groups run at full capacity. Missed classes due to other commitments do not warrant a credit as your position is being held for the term.

9. Medical Attention- Parents are responsible for ensuring that all relevant medical details & contact information is kept up to date in writing include supply your child’s ASICA form to enquiries@brightonrec.com.au. You are required to complete the ASCIA form if your child has a serious allergy or medical condition requiring medication to be present whilst participating at BRC. Please speak to our office staff at the time of enrolment regarding the medical equipment. In the unlikely event that a child requires an ambulance, attempts will be made to consult the parents and listed emergency contact of the injured child before the staff requests the ambulance, at the discretion of staff an ambulance will be called. All fees & charges associated with seeking ambulance services on behalf of your child are the responsibility of the parent/guardian of the child concerned.

10. BRC shall not incur any responsibility or liability for any damage to, or loss of property or belongings.

11. Public Holidays- classes do not operate on Victorian Public Holidays. Fees are calculated based on planned classes. When the Centre is closed due to a Public Holiday this is factored into the term fee for this day.

12. Photo/Video Policy – Parents and Guardians are advised that from time to time photos or videos may be taken/capture during the program, regular or special events. Enrolments at BRC serves as acknowledgement to use any images captured by BRC for the purposes of promotional material, media or other purposes without further permission being necessary. If you do NOT want your child’s image to be used in any promotional material, you must advise BRC in writing prior to the commencement of their first class. BRC requests that photos or videos should only capture their own children where possible.

13. Should a class be cancelled due to lack of enrolments, fees are refunded in full.

14. If a class is cancelled by us due to unforeseen circumstances then your account will be credited the amount for the class.

15. Gymnastics – Payment of BRC program serves as acknowledgement that as parent/guardian you understand like most sporting activities, gymnastics creates the potential for injury even when done properly and following the BRC Facility Rules. Acknowledgment that BRC will not accept liability for any injury or accident suffered by myself/my child / children whilst at the centre. Permission for BRC staff to obtain urgent medical assistance including ambulance travel at my expense should this need arise. Parents should consider having ambulance cover and private health insurance in case of a medical emergency involving your child.

16. Gymnastics – All children participating in Gymnastics (including kindergym and tumbling) must pay an annual registration and insurance fee. This fee is determined by Gymnastics Australia and Gymnastics Victoria and works on a calendar year. Accident Insurance is provided by Marsh Advantage Insurance Pty Ltd and may cover injuries sustained whilst in the process of doing gymnastics. All claims must be notified to Marsh Advantage Insurance Pty Ltd within 30 daysof the accident. (Registrations for Gymnastics taken in Term 4 of the year are reduced).

17. Gymnastics – If in the current calendar year you were at a previous gymnastics club, we need to transfer the registration across to BRC, this is an additional $10 admin fee that you must pay prior to commencement.