Update on Brighton Recreational Centre Re-development

Following feedback from the community, the scope of the Brighton Recreational Centre and Wilson Reserve Masterplan has been changed to two separate yet complementary projects; one for the Centre and one for the Reserve. This approach will help to ensure any redevelopment will cater to the unique needs and interests of the different user groups.

The engagement process showed that stakeholders hold an interest in the redevelopment of either Wilson Reserve or the Centre and there is minimal cross-over in terms of mutual interests. For example, what sports clubs want from the Masterplan is very different to what users of the Centre want from the Masterplan.

Council staff will work with the Board and management of the Brighton Recreational Centre to co-design a refurbished Centre to meet the needs of current and future users. Officers suggest a deliberative process of co-design, heavily informed and influenced by the community engagement results. There is strong support for the Brighton Recreational Centre to provide more activities for older adults to encourage active ageing.

Staff will also work with Brighton Grammar School and other key stakeholders to explore the option of a pavilion and improved playing surface for Wilson Reserve. Stage 2 of community engagement will be amended to reflect the revised scope of the project.

A copy of the report can be found in the Council Agenda papers on Council’s website (see page 17).

The report provides a summary of the community engagement as an attachment to the report. The Community Engagement report can also be found in the Document library on the project’s Have your Say page.

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